Matthias Vandichel

Group leader, Principal Investigator

Matthias obtained his PhD at Ghent University in 2012. He enjoyed postdoctoral periods in Ghent University (2013-2015), IRCELYON (2015-2016), Chalmers (2016-2018) and Aalto University (2018-2019). Since Oct 2019, he holds a faculty position at the University of Limerick and lectures in Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics; Chemical Engineering Design Methods; Process Control, Instrumentation and modelling). Matthias leads a dynamic multidisciplinary team (Materials and Catalysis Modelling group – He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC).

His main research interests are: computational materials and catalysis research, porous materials and inorganic interfaces.


Sousa Javannikkhah

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Career-FIT PLUS Research Fellow

Sousa is developing methodologies to describe hormone delivery vesicles and adsorption processes.


Lakbira El Atouani

EPS-IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Kabira is studying traditional materials used in piezo-actuators using first-principles electronic structure methods.


M Umer

Postdoctoral Researcher

M Umer is studying various metal- and metalhydride-based electrocatalytic systems. The HERMES-project is in collaboration with 6 other partners in Europe (H2020-FETproactive HERMES).


Krishna Chaitanya

Postdoctoral Researcher

Krishna is studying phase change heat transfer in Geothermal energy technologies (mentors: Dr. Matthias Vandichel, Prof. Vivek Ranade).


Indrajit Chakraborty

Postdoctoral Researcher

Indrajit is studying phase change heat transfer in Geothermal energy technologies (mentors: Prof. Vivek Ranade, Dr. Matthias Vandichel).


Apinya Ngoipala

IRC-PhD student

Apinya is developing methodologies to describe electrochemical reactions in metal-hydrides and other systems. Her IRC-project MHSVAC is related to the H2020-FETproactive HERMES project.


R Lipin

IRC-PhD student

Lipin is developing methodologies to describe electrochemical reaction on carbon-based materials in the framework of his IRC-project C-BUDDY (09/2022-08/2024). The CARE project run by Raju Lipin & Niamh Terranova is one of UL's Sustainability Challenge 2022 winners. Previously, Lipin has been developing methodologies to describe electrochemical reactions on metal-hydrides and other systems, while working on the HERMES project.


Pedram Vousoughi

EPS-IRC PhD student

Pedram is developing methods to describe corrosion phenomena.


Keshav Hibare

PhD student

Keshav is working on a project at the interface of bioinformatics, cheminformatics and molecular modelling (supervisors: Dr. Virag Sharma, Dr. Matthias Vandichel, Prof. Dr. Tewfik Soulimane).


Hooman Hasheminejad

PhD student

Hooman is working on adsorption within porous materials. He is currently funded through the SFI-centre AMBER.

Visiting Staff

Alumni and Affiliated researchers

Ryan Lacdao Arevalo

Current position: Associate Professor, Akashi National Institute of Technology, Osaka, Japan
Marie Skłodowska-Curie PROCESS COFUND Research Fellow (2021-2022)
Postdoctoral Researcher HERMES (2021)

Jiri Bednar

Current position: Researcher VSB-TU Ostrava
Visiting postdoctoral researcher, Postdoc MEYS research internship, VSB-TU Ostrava (01/02/2022-30/11/2022)

Jiri is modelling a nanoparticles’ aggregation at the sublimation interface of a rapidly frozen dispersion. The main research interests are preparation and characterization of nanostructured materials and their incorporation into filtration membranes and developing new means of material testing.

Venkata Surya Kumar Choutipalli

Current position: Postdoctoral researcher, Baylor University, Texas, USA
Postdoctoral Researcher (2021-2022)

Amin Koochaki

Postgraduate Student (2020-2023)

Ciara O'Sullivan

Current position: Process engineer, Merck
MSc student (2021-2022)

Niamh Terranova

Undergraduate student, research intern via UPSTaRT program 2022